Our Focus.

Our Mission

Prana Therapeutics is developing targeted therapeutics for the prevention of the negative side effects of chemotherapy, management of rheumatoid arthritis and treatment of brain cancer.

Our Focus

The vast majority of diseases are driven by multiple factors, yet the vast majority of drug development trials use single agents targeting a single contributing mechanism of the disease. Prana Therapeutics’ Polymolecular Botanical Drug development platform addresses these deficiencies by simultaneously targeting multiple mechanisms and de-risking clinical drug development through early stage trials.


Our lead product is a Polymolecular Botanical compound called Epidiferphane, which is a unique composition of matter composed of three botanical extracts with documented synergistic actions.

Our Technology


Combinatorial Targeting

Most diseases have multifactorial causes and hence require solutions that address the multiple mechanisms that contribute to disease initiation and progression.

Our combinatorial platform allows us to identify novel drugs that target multiple drivers of disease.


PolyMolecular Botanical Compounds

Using disease-specific screens we have identified unique combinations of botanical extracts that target the multiple contributing mechanisms of disease initiation and progression. Our lead compound, Epidiferphane, has demonstrated clinical and preclinical efficacy at preventing and treating several disease indications.



Prevention of negative side effects of chemotherapy
Anemia (low red blood cells)
Neutropenia (low white blood cells)
Chemofog (memory problems)
Management of arthritis
Reduce the inflammation and pain related to arthritis
Treatment of brain tumors
Adjunctive treatment aimed at slowing the progression of tumor growth

About Us

Prana Therapeutics was founded on a mission to develop combinatorial approaches to treating complex diseases. The company’s drug development program is based on pioneering research from the University of Florida.

Prana Therapeutics has an exclusive worldwide license to the technology and its commercialization.



Our lead compound, Epidiferphane, has demonstrated preclinical efficacy as a treatment to attenuate many of the negative side effects of chemotherapy (anemia, cytopenia, peripheral neuropathy, and chemofog), reduce inflammatory diseases (like rheumatoid arthritis) and helps slow the progression of tumor growth.

Advantages of Epidiferphane

  • More affordable than the competition
  • Safer than the current procedures for these diseases
  • Unique synergistic effect is showing growing promise in areas outside cancer and arthritis


"I am a Registered Dietitian and mother of two boys, ages 6 and 9. Together with a whole food diet, Epidiferphane helped me to boost my energy levels and alleviate my muscle aches and joint pain."
"I am a 57-year-old strategist account manager and suffered a fall which required getting 2 plates and 8 screws in my ankle. While taking Procerna, it took exactly a month for me to see such a tremendous amount of improvement! My pain decreased as well as the swelling in my ankle, so now I’m able to accomplish day to day tasks again such as, lifting heavy objects and spending more time with friends and family without feeling like such a burden! Before Procerna, I tried, yoga, physical therapy and putting ice on the area. Nothing seemed to work as well as Procerna did. This product truly works!"
Strategist Account Manager

We are an early stage biotechnology company developing Polymolecular Botanical Drugs for the healthcare industry.

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